Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Timing of The Time . . !!

Right now I am sitting silently and calculating the time. Yes, calculating the time in many ways. Like, since my birth how much time I took to open my eyes, how much time I took to put my first step to move, how much time I took to stand on my own feet, how much the time I took to speak my very first word, how much time I took to say maa and papa, how much the time I took to manage a pencil in my hand and to write something, how much time I took to speak a full length sentence just in one attempt!!

Believe me, I am surprised to see that every single thing which I did, took time; here when I am saying ‘Time’, I am talking about a particular period of time which was required to do that particular task. But the question here is that why am I thinking and calculating about the time which has passed by !!

Beauty is not defined , nor life !

Actually in today’s world, we either take time ‘too seriously’ that we don't get time to live it properly or else we take time ‘too lightly’ that we don't realize that time is giving us all lots of notices to utilize it properly.

Almost all of us have our disappointments from life and especially with the time like, ‘life and time aren't in our favour.’ Sometimes we feel that nothing is in our hand and we are not getting something we want or we deserve.

I myself went through bad phase in life and faced despairing situations many times, but I let myself know that when I took out a particular period of time in doing every single thing in my life from opening my eyes to saying my first word then how can I expect things to be done without taking certain amount of time!! And why should I expect things to be happen just the way I wanted?? And even if I am doing that then I must keep this thing in my mind that it’s very difficult to understand the opportunity  of the time!!!

We say that life is not too big and we don’t have enough time to focus on all the things we want to have or to do but we fail to understand that life isn't too short either to focus on ‘shortcuts’ only. One must have faith and patience so that a person can wait for the right opportunity and actually get what he/she deserves. What I strongly believe is that life is really ‘too short’ to live with regrets and with the disappointments but it is ‘too long’ to achieve what one deserves because ultimately It is all about the timing of the time…!!!!


  1. Timing of your this post seems very correct. The best part I would like to quote (of course, not without your permission)- "Life isn’t too short to focus on ‘shortcuts’ only". A well written piece.