Thursday, 13 June 2013

It's just a start..

    This is so far going to be my first blog where I am going to express 'Myself' , yes.. Because I believe that everything starts and ends with me, on me, because of me... NO! I am not ‘self obsessed’ person but just a believer who has a belief that world deals with the 'Micro' and no doubt they make the world so big…and I put myself in the centre of the world. You guessed it right,… as a MICRO…but then I don’t think I am too small to get unnoticed… yeah of course I as ME carry power in my hand to agree, to disagree, to accept, to reject, to carry, to leave and to do lots and lots of things.. in totality, I can 'THINK' and I can 'EXPRESS'… and because of these I never feel that I am just a MICRO of this infinite world….

 I want to express and therefore I need to speak or to write.. I chose to speak where possible and now I am writing here, so that I reach to those who somewhere connects with me and in fact to those also who don’t. After all as Voltaire says, 'I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’  This one sentence says it all.
So, I am here to express and to pay attention towards others expressions.

Thank you! 


  1. that's your first post and that's my first comment on your very refreshing post..welcome on blogging world...