Sunday, 16 June 2013

LOVE But, The Way I love The RAIN!!!

      It’s Sunday today. I am sitting inside my room and reading a book. As always I got busy with my book but then, what is this!! I am hearing a sound; and I am finding it quite familiar. Ohh! That’s the sound of the Rain, means what!! Smile... And I shouted, Maa, baarish aa gayi!!’ yeah, finally it started raining. I was reading something, but what, I don’t remember now. I forgot everything and opened my door in a way of welcoming the rain. It’s raining outside; a pleasant smile on my face because I love the rain, I always do and I always think that is there anybody who hates it?? Why would anybody hate this pleasant gift of nature! Rain! It’s actually a unique gift of nature which comes and makes all of us forget everything. 

      I thought nothing and I sat on the floor near the door. Seeing the rain, thinking about the rain, thinking about many stories related to the rain, many Hindi songs which have ‘baarish’ in it. I was flowing with the wind, Ahh… with the rain I guess. I was only sitting at that place but my mind and my soul were somewhere else, I was dancing in my thoughts, smiling, laughing, I was so much into the nature that I couldn't realize that I am just a poor fellow who is dreaming but then, no complaints at all. That’s the charisma which rain creates around us and makes us forget the real silly problems of life.

Hmmm!! I was thinking about how I enjoyed my previous monsoon. I was with ‘You’. You don’t really like to get drenched in rain but I always love it. I forced you. I made fun of you by saying, ‘What kind of person you are! You have never walked in the rain!! A person who has never experienced a walk in the rain is far behind of knowing what life is. And that’s you.’ And these were the ways how I made you ready to walk with me in the rain. We walked for hours, and hours were like minutes. Yes! They were too short. The whole day passed like minutes and we went to have bred pakodas and chai. It was one of the best days of my life. I was there, you were there and the rain. It was a complete package of life. Wow! I loved the way it came to me and how it always comes to me.
      I am still sitting at floor and thinking about many other stories related with the rain and feeling nostalgic. Ohh… can’t express how much I love this view. I am dreaming with open eyes and suddenly I am listening another sound of
tip tip tip tip tip…’
It broke my attention. What! This sound is coming from where?? And what am I seeing’s coming from my house. Yes, there is this leakage happening inside my room, it’s there on my books, on my bed, on that table where I put my books and other goods. No! Somebody help me, all my things are getting wet. Oops what do I do now!! Why is this raining outside? Why? Why? Who asked this rain to come?? And that too this way!! I hate it! I hate it! Yes! Yes!! I hate it!! It always destroys my things and leaves me with an unpleasant place. There is no reason why I should love it! Actually I should not say anything to rain; I should blame myself for forgetting the reality that I am leaving at this place where I experience this every monsoon. Yes I do. Every year, in every monsoon this happens and in every monsoon we manage this way only because we can’t get those situations where we get time to sit and see the rain without having any real life problem. I am irritated and talking to myself meanwhile covering everything with plastic covers and now I am back to that place again where I was sitting few minutes back. The whole equation changed and now I am calm and relaxed, visiting my moments again. Trying to tell myself that I should not love any of them but No, they are still as good as they were earlier. I got upset and cursed the rain, how could I forget that I was just counting it amongst beautiful gifts of nature. Every year this happens, I love rain, then see the reality then I curse it, and then I love it again. Why! May be because of it’s charm, may be because somewhere deep inside I love those moments which rain gave me, may be because life has taught me the lesson of loving the nature in the way it comes to me, may be because I just love it without any reason.
Whatever the reason may be but it has taught me a lesson of not just loving something or someone but to keep loving that something or someone even when sometime situations are not in favor
 of loving that XYZ. Love should be like a sustainable sense. Just the way I love the rain even after ….......... NO, after NOTHING!! I can’t blame the rain, I will never, I will only love it … the way I always do!! 


  1. ...a beautiful narration of your sweet and wonderful lucky your 'you' is...he(?) is remembered in your posts...